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Featuring an authentic Cuban bread, the Grill 2 Go Sandwiches by Dandee Foods have become a favorite meal choice. Pressed to perfection in 4 minutes, these sandwiches can be incorporated into any store. Many Deli customers are simply removing the outer film

Grill Sandwich

and placing the parchment wrapped product on the belt of an Impinger oven.

The Grill 2 Go sandwiches are stacked with the finest meats and topped off with the freshest variety of bread. Grilling the sandwich melts the Flavors together for a delicious and surprising taste.

The Grill 2 Go Program is unique in that we place a grill press in your establishment free for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, you will automatically be invoiced for the press if you decide to continue the program.

The Grill 2 Go Program capitalizes on a trend that has become popular in convenience stores around the country.

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