Deli History

Deli History

The Deli Department at W.L. Petrey Wholesale Co., Inc. was created to meet the growing needs of our customers. It began with a simple Breakfast Program featuring fully cooked biscuit meats and a preformed raw dough biscuit.

The high quality and popularity of this program generated the development of Delissimo, a comprehensive food concept tailored to convenience stores located just about anywhere. With it’s modular food system concept, various food items can be prepared from biscuits, pastries, chicken fingers, wings, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, hot and cold subs, to salads. Our food court system can be added to an existing deli or can be added to stores where no food service has been available.

As the demand for a separate concept featuring pizza arose, our very own branded program called Papa Pepperoni’s Pizza was created. The Papa Program features a true Italian style pizza crust that gives the fullest flavor of any pre-topped pizza in the market place today. Another advantage is the ability to combine our pizza program with a full Breakfast Biscuit Program with no additional equipment required.

In 2005, the decision was made to break down the Delissimo Program into individual branded concepts. From this decision The Pastry Cart, Backwoods Burgers & Dogs, The Tender Express, Delissimo Subs & Salads, Papa’s Tex Mex, and Breakfast Boulevard evolved. At that point, our customers had the option to incorporate one, two, or all of our programs into their establishment.

W.L. Petrey’s approach to business has always been quite simple. We understand that is has to be a profitable deal for our customers before it can be a good deal for us. With our deli concepts, stores can offer a better quality of food product, are able to tailor food offerings to their existing customer base, and keep all the profit in the store rather than having to pay a franchise fee or royalty fee. In short, our customers are in control with a specialized support team provided by us that offers success and profitability.