BFast Boulevard

The Breakfast portion of Petrey’s Food Court Program was developed to complement the unique customer base of a convenience store. Since a large portion of the convenience store’s deli business occurs in the morning, it is essential to offer the customer a traditional biscuit breakfast. It must be appetizing, taste good, and offered piping hot. Offering a tasty, satisfying breakfast is essential to getting the bounce back into the store for your other food service offerings. Fast never means you have to sacrifice quality or taste.

Deli Breakfast

Menu Specifications and Production Standards

The “Breakfast Boulevard” consist of delicious biscuits and several types of meats (determined by the customer preferences). Ease of preparation is insured by using Petrey products which are not labor intensive. Most breakfast products are either pre-formed or pre-cooked and only require a few minutes to heat and assemble. If you love pizza, you will love our Breakfast Pizza. Our products hold exceptionally well , remains crisp, moist, and tasty even under the most extreme conditions.

Customer Service

Breakfast biscuits are prepared, wrapped, labeled and placed in a warmer. This concept allows more customers to be served in a shorter period of time, using fewer employees. We have an unyielding commitment to providing grab and go fresh food to our customers.

deli breakfast2