Backwoods Burgers

Backwoods Burgers & Dogs offer products with the comforting flavor of home. They are craved by consumers while retailers are happy to restore greater margins to this food service category.

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Deli Burger

It’s a fact of life that everyone loves burgers. It is an American favorite and always will be. Our patties are fully cooked, made from fresh ground chuck and contain no fillers. Backwoods Burgers & Dogs gives your customers the great burger they deserve and a whole lot more!


Deli BBQ

Without the operational hassles of scratch preparation, our fully cooked BBQ makes it easy to offer consumers the comfort of home style cooking. Our BBQ is topped with a tomato based sauce combining sweet, smoky, and spicy flavor with a hint of pepper. It’s all American flavor appeals to any BBQ lover! Want to sauce your own BBQ? Try our slow smoked over hickory wood and cooked to perfection, dry BBQ for a natural flavor with an authentic taste.

Hot Dogs

Deli Hot Dog

Convenience stores have become the destination spot to purchase grilled franks. Your hot dogs can be prepared in several different ways. Placing them on a roller grill will keep the product evenly heated and visible to the customers. Baking them in the oven until warmed thoroughly has also become a favorite as well. Want your dogs to stay warm and moist all day? Place them in a table topped warmer filled with Au Jux Sauce.

For other varieties of sandwiches, try Grilled Chicken Sandwich and our Clux Delux Burgers.

Deli Backwoods Bottom